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Value Statement

Three very important aspects of our restaurants


Mangalore cuisine is characterized by the using mainly coriander and cumin, and ghee. In our shop, fresh herbs like mint, coriander and high-quality saffron are used a lot so you can experience the rich flavor. The usage of spices in daily food began in South India due to its health benefits as per the Ayurveda remedies to certain illnesses. Mangalore, a coastal region in South India has a significant history of Ayurveda. Our recipes contain healthy spices like clove, cardamom, cumin etc. which are scientifically proven to be providing health benefits. Due to the tropical climate coconut is the main ingredient in this region, which itself is a nature boon to mankind. In addition, our top-notch chefs have mastered the culinary art through their vast experience, hence they are capable of serving you a healthy & balanced diet.

We believe in a healthy balance of the body and mind for which nourishment plays a significant role.

All our raw materials are procured from the reliable local farmers & vendors who are handpicked after several trials, in order to assure high quality.

At our restaurant, we are committed to serve our guests not only authentic, but also healthy & hygienic food. Our selects chefs come from the Star hotels in India & we follow a strict code of discipline when it comes to cooking. We arrange routine training sessions on cleanliness and hygiene for all the members involved, to ensure there is no compromise when it comes to personal & professional hygiene.

The steps to creating our delicious, healthy dishes follow the highest standards of cleanliness.
Please be relaxed and enjoy our authentic recipes.

Our main aim is to see happy faces of our guests. With our highly professional service, authentic cuisine, and high quality food we make it easy for our guests to relax enjoy their precious moments spent at our restaurants. The comfortable ambience with contemporary interior design at each one of our restaurants will undoubtedly leave a long lasting impression on your heart & soul. Whatever the occasion is, we assure you; dining at our restaurants will be a unique & pleasant experience.

The steps to creating our delicious, healthy dishes follow the highest standards of cleanliness. Knowing they receive high quality for a reasonable price, our clients always return with a smile.

Vision Statement

We provide a unique, reimagined Indian food experience with high-quality, healthy dishes in charming, contemporary settings. Boldly experimenting with recipes and thus producing a variety of taste combinations using the superb ingredients available, we serve you authentic Indian cuisine that goes far beyond the curry dishes thought to traditionally make up the genre.

Our team is committed to creating lasting favorable impressions by tailoring to customer needs and strategizing to make effective decisions while demonstrating integrity, a strong work ethic, and adherence to standards.

Our goal is to become the most trusted brand of Indian food by 2022 by serving as the inspiration to healthy eating and living in Japan and the broader community.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • To be Authentic
  • To be Innovative
  • To be Unique

To bring authentic Indian food to Japan and serve it with the best possible ingredients in the best possible setting. Our goal is to be authentic, innovative & unique.

Culture Statement

Culture Statement

To build a joyful culture inside and outside our restaurant, offering a relaxed, casual space in which to sample some of the finest Indian food in the world.

Commitment to ingredients

Commitment to ingredients


We use oil that is as good for your health as possible. In particular, we use coconut oil and handmade ghee, which have recently become a boom in Japan as oils that have a dieting effect.


Ghee is a pure oil that is made by removing extraneous substances such as water and protein from butter and is also used as a medicine in the world's oldest traditional Indian medical practice of Ayurveda. There is commercially sold ghee in bottles, but they often contain preservatives. At Bangera's Kitchen, we use unsalted butter melted by boiling over low heat to remove water, cooled, and then strained to make handmade ghee.

Spice & herb

The best part of Indian cuisine is to combine various spices and herbs with unique aromas and flavors, spiciness, sweetness, sourness, and color. The quality of these spices and herbs determines the taste of the dish. In particular, chili and saffron have entirely different colors and aromas depending on the place of origin and grade. At Bangera’s Kitchen use premium red chili from Byadgi in Karnataka, South India, one of India's leading pepper-producing regions; the red chilis from Byadgi are bright red and have a delicate spiciness. In addition, many spices and herbs are not available in Japan. Still, instead of substituting similar or inferior products, we directly import high-quality ingredients that we select from the home of spices.

Fresh curry leaf

Curry leaf is from the Rutaceae family of trees native to India, and the curry leaf when placed in hot oil, it gives off a unique curry-like, citrus-like, refreshing, fragrant, and attractive flavor. It is an essential herb used in most South Indian cuisine, but dried curry leaves are commonly used in Japan as fresh curry leaves are expensive. At Bangera's Kitchen, we are particular about high aroma and authentic taste, and we purchase fresh leaves from farmers in Okinawa and Saitama. In addition, we always use fresh coriander and mint as well.


Tamarind, a fruit used as a sour spice, is used in the coastal region of India. Kokam is a tropical fruit that grows only in the coastal area along the Southern coast of India and is not available in Japan.
Tamarind can be used as a substitute, but at Bangera's Kitchen Ginza, which is particular about our authentic taste, we use genuine Kokam. With a flavor similar to the plum, you can feel sourness and pleasant sweetness and flavor. We use the dried skin of Kokam in our cooking.


The image of Indian restaurants is that there are limited fish dishes, but Mangalore is a port town facing the ocean with an abundance of fish dishes. At Bangera's Kitchen Ginza, we purchase fresh fish from the Toyosu Market. Marinating with herbs and spices and then roasted in a tandoor or pouring ghee on a charcoal fire to smoke seafood, transforming ingredients into various Indian cuisine. We highly recommend you try our dishes using Pomfret (Managatsuo), considered a luxury in India. The meal will surely make your day an extraordinary one.

CEO and Owner Prashant Bangera

CEO and Owner Prashant Bangera

Born into a middle-class Indian family in Udupi (also called Mangalore), some fifty kilometers north of Mangalore, Prashant Bangera began showing interest and natural talent in cooking at an incredibly young age. After attaining a degree in information technology and gaining work experience at an esteemed IT company in India, he moved to Japan to join the Japanese conglomerate NTT with whom he would work for the next five years. It was during this time that the business owner began learning in depth about the country’s multifaceted business culture and their culture in terms of the service industry.

After accepting an offer to join a foreign finance company, where he developed leadership and project management skills, in 2019, Prashant chose to leave the promising career he had begun in finance to focus full-time on his growing food business. Bright and ambitious, the up-and-coming entrepreneur is committed to producing high-quality products with the utmost care and attention to detail. He is expected to expand and evolve his creativity into related markets soon.

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