Bangera's Spice Labo

We are pleased to present you with a delectable culinary adventure combining the traditional tastes of India with a bolder melange of tantalizing spices and fresh ingredients.

We have been serving our patrons healthy, clean & authentic Indian cuisine, and is now bringing this ultimate dining experience to your locality due to its ever-growing popularity and demand. Indulge your tastebuds and feed your soul.

A branch of the Mangalore food specialty restaurant "Bangera's Kitchen Ginza", which is listed in Michelin Guide 2020,in less than two years since the opening.

Bangera’s Kitchen Ginza has been selected to appear in the MICHELIN Guide of 2020.

Bangera’s Kitchen Ginza has been selected to appear in the MICHELIN Guide of 2020.

Rated a “Bib Gourmand” establishment in just the second year since its opening, Bangera’s has been praised in the French publication as a South Indian cuisine specialist that boasts an abundance of fresh, wild seafood on the menu.

Also lauded in the guide is the restaurant’s unique diversity demonstrated by many other alluring, delicious foods such as a mild coconut curry, or kori gassi, a variety of tandoor-cooked classics, biryani dishes made from basmati rice, and other healthy favorites made with semolina and rice flour.

Our Concept

Authentic Indian cuisine & original fusion recipes. A spice experiment focusing on authentic Western, Northern & Southern Indian dishes.

We offer creative dishes unique to the world “Bangera's Spice Lab”. Here at Funabori, we believe that you can always enjoy the best combination of food and drinks.





Spice & Herb










About Us

Bangera's Spice Labo

We at Rati Co, Ltd. started our business with a vision to introduce authentic, delicious Indian food to Japan.

The basic idea is: Hygiene + Health = Happiness.

We strive to be unique and innovative in all that we do. In the coming years, we want to emerge as the most trusted Indian food brand in Japan.

We provide a unique experience by introducing recipes and flavors previously unknown in Japan. Moreover, we want to incorporate the essence of Mangalore into the overall atmosphere – decorations, design elements, and interior architecture – culminating in a virtual trip to Southern India.

We offer genuine Indian cuisine using the most superb ingredients available, served in charming, contemporary settings. Our dream is for our restaurants to be among the most extraordinarily creative and authentic.

Team Bangera’s warmly welcomes you to our casual yet refined restaurants to experience the best Indian food in the world. We wholeheartedly look forward to hearing from you.

Why Bangera’s Kitchen

  • Bangera’s kitchen is a 3rd generation restaurateurs.
  • The chef comes from an Indian star hotel.
  • Not only are we selling food, but our wider vision is to bring concealed Indian cultures and traditions in Japan.
  • Our Ginza restaurant is and continues to be the most popular Indian restaurant in 2018.
  • We’ve been covered by all main journals, radios and television shows.

  • We would like to introduce Indian food that has never been served in Japan.
  • Our staff are experts who are well trained and experienced.
  • Our task is to serve healthy Indian food, hygienic and delicious.
  • We primarily serve coastal food imported from South India.
  • By the year 2022 we are determined to be in leading place among Japan’s Indian food brands.

Weekday Lunch Menu

Weekend Set Menu

Drink Menu

Party Plan

We host workplace events, Birthday parties, reception parties or you'll relish the event the luxurious inexperienced elegant interior can add charm to the event.

Our skilled team can check that that your events are going to be unforgettable.

Grand Menu


  • お席のご指定につきましては、ご要望に添えない場合もございますので、予めご了承ください。
  • お店が混雑した場合、滞在を2時間とさせて頂く場合がございます。
  • ご予約のお時間15分を過ぎてご連絡が取れない場合はやむを得ずキャンセル扱いとさせていただく場合がございますので遅れる場合は必ずご連絡下さい。
  • 26名様以上のご予約の際は直接店舗までお問い合わせください(最大30名様)。
  • 満席の場合や、31名様以上のご予約は下記姉妹店をご利用ください。

Course Menu


添加物等は一切使用せず、巧みなスパイス使いとそのセンスで、豊洲の新鮮魚介を魅惑のマンガロール料理へと昇華させる。美食の港町ならではの【魚介×スパイス】が、日本のインド料理界に新風をもたらす。バンゲラズ キッチン銀座店はミシュランガイド東京2020ビブ・グルマン掲載店!


Bangera's Spice Labo

Adress 2F Toki Bldg 3丁目-5-7 5, 5 Funabori, Edogawa City, Tokyo 134-0091
Phone 03-6808-0739
Smoking room In-house separate smoking room
Total Seating capactiy 54
Bar counter seats 4
Kashikiri Minimum guests 40
Max Kashikiri capacity (including standing) 80-85
Free wifi NO
Child/Baby OK
Smoking in restaurant Only in smoking room
Projector for office events or parties TV
Credit card OK
Denshi money OK
Paypay OK
AU pay NO
Merukari pay NO
Elevator YES
Happy hour YES
Café time 14:00 to 17:00
Halal Food YES
Vegetarian/Vegan menu YES
English Menu YES
English speaking staffs YES
Open 11:00
Lunch Menu 11:00 - 14:40
Last order 22:00
Close 22:30